Do You Know These Ways To Prevent Home Theft?

Don’t make your home a target by providing a comfortable hiding place. Keep trees and shrubs away from doors, windows, and other entry points. You can still have a garden, but keep the plants well-groomed so that they don’t provide hiding places for thieves. If you like shrubs around your home, choose thorny plants that are not friendly for intruders to hide in. Meanwhile, if you also want to make it harder for thieves to break your door lock, you can consult with a trusted lock smith.

Then, the window will let light and fresh air enter your house. But it also gives thieves an easy way to loot your house. Make it a habit to close the curtains or curtains when you are not at home. Close the curtains especially at night when the room lights make it difficult to see outside but very easy to see inside the house.

Also, did you know that nosy neighbors can help prevent theft? Try to make friends with all the family who lives near you. Neighborhoods that have friendly and sociable citizens have a lower crime rate. This is because the appearance of strangers will stand out. Making friends with your neighbors can be the best way to prevent thieves from breaking into the house. Offer to look after each other and supervise your neighbors’ houses, especially when you or your neighbors are traveling. You can even propose an agreement with residents to patrol together. Keep an eye on strangers walking around in the neighborhood, and notify each other of suspicious behavior. And immediately call the police if you see a crime. Immediately sound an alarm if needed. Prevention is better than regret later.

Finally, the last way to prevent thieves from breaking into your house is to install a home alarm system. There are many options available ranging from systems that only monitor entry access to sophisticated alarms that combine motion detection and sensor vibration, smartphone monitoring, to CCTV video recording. There are several options for those with limited funds. You may be surprised how affordable an alarm system for home security is.

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