An Artistic Home Look In A Wooden House

In choosing the right type of wood for a wooden house, you have to be careful because if you use wood with a material that is hard enough, the wood will not usually be eaten by termites. But you also shouldn’t just let it go. As a precaution, try to use termite repellent or termite medication. This liquid has a material that is very safe for the wood so that the appearance of your wooden house is not damaged. You can spray the liquid into the gaps in the door, ceiling, and other parts. This is usually done during the painting process. In terms of giving color to wood, choose a color that suits you, but if this will confuse you then you can leave this to the one man and a brush who are professional in that field. You only need to give the painter an idea of the atmosphere of the wooden house you want to display.

On the interior side, the furniture and furnishings chosen in this wooden house design have natural colors with elegant white painted wooden walls. There is a staircase leading to the attic with a window in the ceiling as a medium for air circulation. Apart from being elegant, this house also maximizes the function of the room. For those of you who have narrow land, this wooden house design is perfect for you. Besides, there are many models of roofs that are adapted to wooden houses. Usually, the roof is made of soil which gives a natural element.

Then there is also a thatched roof model which is arranged with a special material so that water and heat will not penetrate the house. The process of installing this roof also adapts to the model and size of the house. You can make this simple wooden house in natural color choices, such as black or brown.

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