These Hats Are Suitable For Boys

There are tons of hats for boys that are sold offline and online. However, you must be careful in choosing so that children not only look cool but also feel comfortable. Meanwhile, if you also love to design your own embroidered hats, we recommend you try custom embroidered fitted hats no minimum order.

For that, read the following tips:

Beanie soft and warm on the head

A beanie does not have a brim (fringe) or a visor (tongue), only a fully circular hood to the ears. Beanie hats are usually made from knitted yarn such as cotton or wool which is elastic. Generally, beanie hats are used to warm and protect the head from cold air. Because of this, the beanie is quite popular in the four-season country and is used by children to adults. However, a beanie can also be used in tropical countries for a more stylish appearance.

The bucket hat is simple and comfortable to wear

At the beginning of its appearance, the bucket hat was more often used by fishermen and anglers. As the name implies, this hat has a shape like an inverted bucket. In the 80s, the bucket hat was again popularized by rappers and has remained a fashion item until now. The bucket hat tends to follow the shape of the head so that it feels comfortable when worn. Materials that are often used for bucket hats include cotton and canvas. Also, the hat of this model can protect the wearer’s hair, head, and face from the sun.

Fedora and flat cap make your child’s appearance more fashionable

The fedora hat is characterized by an elongated indentation on the crown and a circular brim (edge). This hat, which was popular in the 1920s, adds a vintage touch to your look. Also, there is a flat cap that is round in shape with a small, stiff edge on the front. Flat cap hats are also popular since the 1920s, especially in England and beyond. Both of these hat models seem elegant and charming. Choosing a neutral color will make it easier to mix and match the hat. Your little one will look more fashionable like Bruno Mars with a fedora. Meanwhile, famous people who are often seen wearing flat caps include Maher Zain.

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